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In the local Jeju dialect "Olle" was originally used to refer to the narrow path between the street and one's doorstep. In the past, the word was quite commonly used, as children would often say, "Let' meet at the olle." However, later this word came to used more widely across Korea and the came to mean the series of coastal walking path in Jeju Island. The eleven Olle walking paths of Jeju start at the east point of the island and wind their way along the coast all the way to the island's southwest point. The charms of the Olle walking paths are their proximity to nature and the picturesque combination of the blue ocean, dark green forest and the charming local villages. (from www.visitkorea.or.kr)
Wear comfortable sneakers. In the summer if you want to walk on the beach, bring sandals.
Jeju's weather is very capricious. so a raincoat must be in your backpack.
If it's not summer, it's a good idea to bring long-sleeve outerwear for warmth.
You may encounter many small shops which do not take credit cards. It's good to carry a small amount of cash for small purchases.
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